we're back!

Wow, has it been 3 months already?

You might have noticed that we’ve gone awfully quiet recently and we have to say – we’re sorry! The last few months have been quite hectic: 2020 started very strong and we needed to keep our heads down, focus on onboarding new paying customers and helping our pilot customer to maximize their success. Unfortunately, that meant that we’ve been posting less than we like.

But we’re back!

We’ve got plenty of new posts and resources planned for you. More of the same quality, data-driven content that marketplace professionals like you enjoy, with even more focus on every team within a marketplace – from business development to marketplace directors, there’s something for everyone.

In 2 weeks, we’ll be kicking off the next chapter of Silverback Insider. Our next post will touch on a topic that the entire world is listening in on: the Coronavirus and its implications on ecommerce. We’ll be looking at how the virus has been affecting marketplaces all across the world and what we can learn from similar past experiences.

Also, a select group of you will be receiving an invite to participate in our very own Silverback Insider feedback group. This should help us to develop a better understanding of what YOU want to see from us (pssst – we hear there’s a reward too 👀 )

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