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Who are we?

In 2013, we created our company to help online marketplaces gain better seller insights and onboard strong performing sellers. In the last 6 years, we’ve delved deep into the heart of marketplaces and identified the problems that they face. This has lead us to expanding our business worldwide as our customer base grew. At this point, we’ve amassed a wealth of insights and statistics into marketplaces that’s backed by our years of data…and we want to share it with you!


It’s estimated that 70-90% of online marketplaces fail and that the average lifespan of a failed marketplace is 4.9 years.

It’s not surprising. Ecommerce marketplaces are complicated systems and creating one from scratch without prior experience is a daunting task. We’ve seen many platforms come and go and we hope to help the marketplace directors of the world – whether you’re thinking about starting a marketplace or are already running one. At the same time, we’ve devoted a lot of time to understanding the issues in seller-marketplace relations as well. We’re keen to share information to help the people who make the marketplaces run smoothly every day – account managers, business development and activation staff.

In the coming posts (soon!), expect to find insights and nuggets of wisdom on the four tenets of running a marketplace well: product, place pricing and promotions. Catch the latest news about the industry and detailed analysis on the best practises for marketplaces – backed by our data. We have plans for infographics, playbooks and videos in the near future, so stay tuned! If you’d like to get updates whenever we have a new post, do sign up for our mailing list below. Till then, we’ll be brewing up the first batch of insights!