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Within 8 weeks, PCComponentes (PCC) boosted their GMV by 3.9%, uplifted GMV per product by 3.7X and increased offers per product by 2.1X.

How did they do it?

As a marketplace operator, you know best that staying on top of product assortment to constantly offer the bestselling products in the market is key for your success.

Prior to using Silverback, PCC sought to offer a larger and more relevant product assortment and increase their sales and sellers’ performance. Yet the results were suboptimal, and the process was tedious:

  • PCC didn’t know which bestselling and highest-value products they should add to their catalog. They relied on intuition and gut feelings.
  • PCC invested significant time and effort in the process of creating new products. 

Using Silverback’s Auto Product Creator, PCC immediately saw stellar results within just 8 weeks. 

  • New product pages were automatically created for the bestselling products that their sellers offer in other marketplaces, without requiring any research time, effort to create them, or back and forth with their sellers
  • Sellers successfully attached their offers. 
  • Superior business results were achieved across the board: 3.9% GMV boost, 3.7X GMV per product uplift, and 2.1X offers per product. 

Curious to find out how PCC changed their game? Download the case study here!