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Turning the world’s data into intelligent actions

Unique Data Set

Combined public and proprietary product data from leading marketplaces and eCommerce sites

Intelligent Decisions

Sophisticated algorithms generate key insights and predictions

Automated Actions

Ensure automated data-driven actions at scale on the four marketing Ps: Product, Price, Promotion & Placement


“Silverback is the growth engine each marketplace needs to accelerate growth. It enables us to work and achieve our goals faster with less resources. It is a real game changer.“

Leonardo Costa, Head of Marketplace @ ePrice

“We partnered with Silverback because they help our retailers, manufacturers and distributors make data-driven decisions to accelerate marketplace growth.“

Phillipe Corrot, CEO @Mirakl

“With Silverback, we identified the best-selling missing products and added them to our catalog – fast. At the end of the day, the business was much more profitable.”

Antonio Puerta, Account Manager @ PCComponentes

Lead your vertical. Outsmart your competition

Improve Product Offering

Offer the top products in the market by constantly monitoring and identifying market trends. We make sure you’re selling the top 10% of products that are making 80-90% of the revenue.

Optimise Pricing

Ensure that your top products are constantly optimized to the most competitive price point.

Promote Smartly

Our advanced algorithms identify the top products for promotions that will attract and convert more customers and give you the highest returns.

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